Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock


11th October 2007 – Conference in Kaliningrad

On October 11, 2007 the first conference within the Tacis Part of BEEN project with support of Kaliningrad government took place.  During the conference the participants exchanged experiences on energy efficient refurbishment of housing stock in their countries. The main goal of the conference has been the transfer of findings from the BEEN Project to the representatives of housing sector in Kaliningrad city and Kaliningrad Region.

In particular, the potential for energy savings in Russia and Belarus, as well as legal and institutional framework, necessary for carrying out of the energy efficient refurbishment, have been discussed.  The German participants shared the experiences on energy efficient refurbishment of multistory panel buildings in Germany.

Further the technical aspects of the refurbishment of residential buildings based on German practice and possible financing schemes for energy efficient refurbishment of housing stock in Russia have been disputed.

Participants from Kaliningrad contributed to the discussions on carrying out of the effective housing policy, efficient management of energy consumption of housing stock, as well as the experiences of Kaliningrad regarding the energy efficient refurbishment.

More detailed information about the conference and respective materials please find in the conference program and presentations:

Seminar programm in German and Russian languages


BEEN Project: project idea, goals and main results (in Russian) (591 KB)
(Tatjana Hartenstein, IWO e.V., Germany)

Financing schemes of energy efficient refurbishment in Russia (in Russian)
(219 KB) 
(Nikolay Pitirimov, Pavel Sharakhin, Noncommercial Partnership  «Municipal houseowner association », Russia)

Technical aspects of refurbishment of residential buildings: German practise in refurbishment of multistory panel buildings in Germany (in Russian) (520 KB)
(Prof. Dr. Frank Vogdt, Institute for Rehabilitation and Modernization of Buildings, Germany)

Estimations of energy consumption and potential for its conservation in housing stock in Zhodino city and Minsk region, Belarus (in Russian) (415 KB)
(Alexandr Shakhmut, Zhodino municipal unitary enterprise «Association of housing and utilities complex», Belarus)

Calculations of housing and utilities services expenditures according to actual consumption by example of Germany (in German) (1 MB)
(Wilfried Buhl, Techem AG, Germany)

The largest house with the lowest energy consumption in Germany (in Russian) (4 KB)
(Ralf Hillenberg, IPB.B GmbH, Germany)

Legal foundations of energy conservation measures in Russian Federation (in Russian) (240 KB)
(Alexandr Malakhov, consulting company «Vybor», Russia)

Experiences of Kaliningrad on the refurbishment of housing stock (in Russian) (1,2 MB)
(V.N. Аrtemov, Kaliningrad City Hall, Russia)


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