Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock


7th December 2007 – Conference in St. Petersburg

On December 7, 2007 the regional conference within the BEEN Tacis Project has been hold following the 4th International Fair on «Housing and Public Utilities Sector» in St. Petersburg

The organizers of the conference have been the Housing Committee of the Sankt Petersburg’s government assisted by the consulting company «Vibor», and the project coordinator IWO.

The participants have been welcomed by Mr. Janiсki - the representative of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affaires (Germany) and the representatives of the Housing Committee of St. Petersburg Mr. Haydey and Mr. Shaburov.

During the conference the participants discussed a number of topics related to realization of energy efficient refurbishment measures in the Tacis partner countries, and, in particular, political prerequisites,  as well as legal and institutional framework, required for effective planning and carrying out of the energy refurbishment of housing stock.

The participants from St. Petersburg shared their experiences on housing stock renovation in St. Petersburg.  The partners from Belarus presented from their side a brief review about the energy consumption and potentials for energy conservation in the housing sector.

Discussed also were the diversity of technical approaches and financial mechanisms of energy efficient refurbishment.

More detailed information about the conference and respective materials please find in the conference programme and presentations:

Seminar programme in Russian language


BEEN Project: project idea, goals and main results (in Russian) (627 KB)
(Tatjana Hartenstein, IWO e.V., Germany)

Political aspects of realization of energy efficient refurbishment measures (in Russian) (356 KB)
(Nikita Borisov, Ministry of Housing Maintenance, Utilities and Construction of Kaliningrad Region, Russia)

Analysis on energy consumption and potential of energy savings in the regions of Tacis partners (in Russian) (814 KB)
(Pavel Misuno, Dmitry Sidorov, Executive Commitee of Zhodino, Belarus)

Analysis of energy efficient refurbishment by example of pilot project «Деревянка-14», Zhodino (in Russian) (1,9 MB)
(Bernhard Schwarz, IWO e.V., Germany)

Regulatory framework and institutional infrastructure for the energy efficient refurbishment of the housing stock in the Tasic-partners regions (in Russian) (290 KB)
(Alexandr Malakhov, consulting company «Vybor», Russia)

Financing schemes of energy efficient refurbishment in the Baltic States and Russia (in Russian) (257 KB)
(Nikolay Petirimov, Pavel Sharakhin, Noncommercial Partnership  «Municipal houseowner association », Russia)

Refurbishment of serial building stock by example of the Pilot project in St. Petersburg (in Russian) (1,2 MB)
(Tomas Janiсki , Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Germany)


The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

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