Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock

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The BEENetwork is supported by:

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Work Packages

The BEEN project work was structured into five work packages (WPs):

  • WP1 - "policy", provides the frame of reference for the whole project, as it deals with national policies in relation to EU goals.
  • WP2 - "technique",
  • WP3 - "legislation and institutions"
  • WP4 "financing" strategies and instruments were elaborated, that are crucial for the implementation of energy efficient renovation of the building stock.

WP2, WP3 and WP4 were closely connected with

  • WP5 - "best practice projects", where the strategies and instruments were transferred into practice, i.e. tested in three best practice projects for energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings.

The themes that were dealt with in the WPs are the key areas for the process of EER and the initiation of successful refurbishment projects depends on the combination of methods and tools from these fields.
The approach of BEEN was that five BEEN partner had taken over responsibility for a WP and in this context also for the documents to be elaborated in the respective WP, so called WP Leadership.

The image shows the relation between the work packages of BEEN
Work Package 1
Meeting EU and National Goals on Energy Efficiency in the Building Stock.
Work Package 2
Effective Planning and Implementation of Energy Efficient Refurbishment (EER).
Work Package 3
Efficient Legal and Institutional Framework.
Work Package 4
Affordable Financing of Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Residential Buildings.
Work Package 5
Best Practice Projects of Energy Efficient Refurbishment.

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Naujienos ir aktualijos

Kovas 2009
Laikraščio "Zhiliscnoe obosrenie" (Sankt Peterburgas) specialus numeris buvo skirtas projektui BEEN. daugiau (ru)

Vasaris 2009
Pirmojo Sofijoje vyksiančio UNECE seminaro energijos efektyvumo būste tema metu bus pristatomi ir projekto BEEN rezultatai. daugiau (en )

Gruodis 2008
Europos Komisija priėmė pasiūlymą, kuris leistų ES-27 valstybėms pasinaudoti struktūriniais fondais užtikrinant energijos efektyvumą būste. daugiau (en)

Gruodis 2008
Nuo dabar BEEN tinklo nariai gali parsisiųsti BEEN „Išlaidų apskaičiavimo modelį“(CCM). daugiau (en)

Lapkritis 2008
UNECE būsto bei žemės valdymo komitetas (UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management) paruošė  konceptinę notą dėl energijos efektyvumo būste. daugiau (en)

Lapkritis 2008
BEEN projektui vadovavęs partneris pristatė projekto rezultatus Vroclave vykusiose VII Europos energijos taupymo dienose. daugiau



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