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Administration of Kaliningrad Oblast, Dep. Energy and Housing

Today over 782 organizations and enterprises of various ownership forms are involved in construction activities in the region, including 714 building-and-assembling and specialized construction organizations, 67 organizations of building industry and 35 design and exploration ones. Construction and building industry together employ about 46 thousand people. In 2005 there were 265.5 thousand m of housing built (108% of 2004) in the region using all types of funding under the construction contracts 9.7 billion Roubles worth. Construction and mounting works envisaged for 2006 will be over 18 billion Roubles worth.
Over 36 long-term mortgage loans 30 million Roubles worth were given out in 2005 in the framework of the target regional state “Programe of housing mortgage lending to people of the Kaliningrad oblast in 2004-2007”. This year, as compared to the previous one, it is planned to increase the number of housing mortgage loans given under the programme of the Federal Housing Mortgage Lending Agency up to 540 ones totaling about 320 million Roubles.
A special programme “Housing for young families (2003-2007)” is implemented to establish a system of state support to young families in solving their housing problem. In the framework of the programme 73 young families could improve their dwelling conditions in 2005.  In 2006 it is envised to provide 295 young families with comfortable accommodation for the total amount of 343.2 million Roubles.
In 2006 the investment and social activities strengthening the positive results achieved in the field of economy and social welfare at the first stage of implementing the Programme will be continued, including construction of motor roads, high-pressure gas pipelines, engineering facilities protecting populated areas from flooding, as well as the construction of the social welfare sites. It is foreseen to allocate 1.5 billion Roubles in federal budget for the social purposes.
The regional building industry grows fast. The change-over to mostly off-budget funding refreshed the range of goods produced by the local companies. Over the last years the annual increase in output was 10-30%. In 2005 the output of companies in the building industry amounted to 1.7 billion Roubles, while in 2006 it is planned to produce goods 2 billion Roubles worth (117.6% increase).
The regional housing stock makes up 18.5 million m2 of the total housing area, including 12.2 million m2 of private accommodation, 0.8 million m2 of  state housing and 5.5  million m2 of the municipal one. The housing rate per citizen in 19.5 m. 
There are over 63.3 thousand housing units in the Kaliningrad region. Among those about 500 are in an emergency state, about 4 thousand houses are dilapidated. 16.4 thousand families of 40.3 thousand people live there.
This year the Programme of reforming and modernizing  the housing and utilities complex  in the Kaliningrad oblast for 2002-2010 and the regional programme “Moving people from dilapidated and emergency houses in the Kaliningrad oblast for 2003-2010” will be transformed through being integrated into the sub-programme “Modernization of utility infrastructure sites” of the regional programme “Housing “ for 2006-2010.
The sub-programme “Modernization of utility infrastructure sites” for 2006-2010 reflects the latest changes in legislation concerning the reformation of the housing and utilities sector. It aims at increasing the efficiency of the budget funds and attracting off budget sources in modernization of utility infrastructure sites. The sub-programme meets the objectives of the priority national project “Affordable and comfortable housing to Russian citizens” and serves as an instrument for its implementation.


Administration of Kaliningrad Oblast, Dep. Energy and Housing
Russian Federation

Sergey Dyagilev
Tel: +7 4012 599-351

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