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News and Updates

Additional support for refurbishment of multifamily buildings in Lithuania
The Government of Lithuania approved an additional grant scheme for the residents, who intend to refurbish their multifamily buildings by using JESSICA financial instrument.
The new European Energy Efficiency Facility to finance sustainable energy
The European Commission and EIB launched the new “European Energy Efficiency Facility” (EEE-F) to finance sustainable energy at the local and regional level
EU Commission publishes the new Energy Efficiency Plan
On 8th March 2011, the European Commission published the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011, which concentrates on the building and transport sectors.
State grants for the renovation of apartment buildings in Estonia
The renovation grants to support the refurbishment of multifamily buildings were launched in Estonia.
Conference on „Energy Efficiency and Integrated Urban Development“
International conference on „Energy Efficiency and Integrated Urban Development“ will take place in Berlin.
Panel on Baltic Sea Region in first “International Social Housing Summit”
Energy Efficiency in Baltic housing stock to be discussed on first “International Social Housing Summit” in Den Haag.
Modernization of multifamily buildings in Lithuania by using JESSICA financial instrument
The JESSICA Holding Fund of the Lithuanian government was launched in order to use the EU Structural Funds for energy efficiency projects more effectively.
Recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
In November 2008, the Commission adopted the proposal for a recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
Estonian BPP project presented during Urb.Energy event
During the Urb.Energy workshop in Tallinn and Rakvere Estonian BEEN best-practice project was presented and visited.
Urb.Energy Kick-Off Conference in Potsdam
The Kick-Off-Conference of Urb.Energy, the follow-up project to BEEN, took place on the 15th and 16th June 2009 in Potsdam.
About BEEN project - in the newspaper "Zhiliscnoe obosrenie"
A special edition of the newspaper "Zhiliscnoe obosrenie" (St. Petersburg) was devoted to the BEEN project.
UNECE First Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Housing
The results of the BEEN project will be presented on the first UNECE Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Housing
New proposal for using ERDF support for the housing sector
The EC adopted a proposal which would allow the whole EU-27 to benefit from ERDF support for energy efficiency investment in all types of buildings.
Concept Note on Energy Efficiency in Housing
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Committee on Housing and Land Management prepared a Concept Note on Energy Efficiency in Housing.
BEEN results were presented in Wroclaw
Leadpartner of BEEN project presented the results of BEEN on the 7th European Energy Conservation Days in Wroclaw, Poland.
A new draft of the Building Directive
The EU-Commission will publish the proposal to amend the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
The URB.ENERGY project has been approved
The follow-up project to BEEN, URB.ENERGY, has been approved in the first call of the BSR Programme.
The BEEN-Manual to Moscow and Beijing
The mayors of Moscow and Beijing obtained the BEEN-Manual in their own languages
New RICS report “Towards an Energy Efficient Building Stock” launched on the 12 September 2008
New EU Member States are still facing substantial problems implementing the EPBD.


The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

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