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State grants for the renovation of apartment buildings in Estonia

The renovation grants to support the refurbishment of multifamily buildings were launched in Estonia. The financial means are obtained from the sale of unused pollution quotas of the Republic of Estonia to Luxembourg. The goal of the renovation grant is to motivate people to reconstruct their existing apartment buildings. The grant will accompany the renovation loan of KredEx (issued by Swedbank and SEB Bank) in order to decrease the required share of self-financing.  

The Estonian state will support the residents with 15%, 25% or 35% of the total project costs, grant. To obtain 15% grant, an apartment building shall achieve E class (according to Energy Performance Certification classification) as well as energy savings of at least 20% in a building smaller than 2000 m2, at least 30% in a building over 2000 m2. To obtain a grant of 25%, in addition to the fulfillment of the above mentioned terms, an apartment building shall reconstruct the heating system so that it is locally adjustable, and install devices that make it possible to divide and measure heating costs individually by apartments, partly or fully insulate and reconstruct the fa├žade, exchange all windows for energy-saving ones, insulate and reconstruct the roof, exchange all windows for energy efficient one, achieve an energy saving of at least 40% by reconstruction, and energy class D. To obtain a grant of 35%, in addition to the fulfillment of all above terms, the applicant for the grant shall install a ventilation system with heat recovery; achieve at least 50% of energy saving from consumption of heating energy, and energy class C.

More detailed terms of the grant are available in the web page of KredEx (in Estonian):


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