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Zhodino Executive City Committee

Ams of Zhodino

Minsk region Republic of Belarus

The first mention concerns to 1643 - a year when the place Boguslav Field was founded. The fist mention about Zhodino as a large village appears in documents in January, 1688.

On March, 7th 1963 the town of Zhodino has received the status of a town of regional submission.

In 1998 an executive committee represented and at the session the Town Council has approved the coat of arms, and in 1999 - a hymn of Zhodino.
An executive and administrative body of the town presents the executive committee with the right of the legal person. It is an institution of local government. The executive committee acts on the grounds of the Law of Belarus "About local management and self-management in The Republic of Belarus" accepted in 1991 which determines its functions and power.
One of the functions of executive committee is the right of being in charge of the municipal property of Zhodino and, in particular, of the housing resources of the town. The main functions are:

  • To organize the operation and supporting a good condition of the housing resources;
  • To organize thermal and power modernization through the subordinated organizations of repair, to solve the problems of power supply of dependent habitation and so on.

The town unitary enterprise of Zhodino "An association of housing and communal services" carries out the direct operation, current and major overhaul of an available housing. It serves 223 blocks of flats that have 14057 apartments. The general leaving space of a maintained available housing is more than 733 thousand m2.

Nowadays Zhodino is a fast-growing town with the population more than 61 thousand people and the area of 1922 hectares. It is situated in the north-eastern part of the Minsk area on the rivers Plisa and Zhodinka. The distance up to Minsk makes 50 km, up to Borisov - 17 km, up to Smolevichi - 20 km. The trunk-railway and the highway Brest - Moscow pass through the town. The people love their town because they create it themselves. The streets are wide and specious, lined with trees and flowers. Zhodino is an industrial town, the town of automobile builders, smiths, sewers, power engineering specialists, bakers, builders, scientists, farmers and cattle breeders.

The production of the Belarusian autoworks BELAZ is known all over the world. It specializes on releasing of heavy dump trucks. This year the open joint-stock company "SVITANOK" celebrated its 30-years anniversary. It is one of the leading enterprises of Belarus in manufacture of knitted wear for adults and children. Its production submits to the markets of Italy, Germany, the USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Baltic countries. The forge factory of heavy punchings is equipped with the unique equipment, constantly develops, works out and masters new kinds of production.

It is possible to consider that the thermal power station is the first-born industrial enterprise in Zhodino, which is towering on the coast of an artificial water basin. And it is far not the full list of the enterprises located in the territory of the town. There are two scientific centers of the National Academy of sciences of Belarus in Zhodino - the Institute of agriculture and selection and the Institute of cattle-breeding.


Zhodino Executive City Committee

Dzmitry Sidarau
Tel: +375 1775 35 260

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